My Dog Kids

I often get asked…

Do you have kids?”

The answer is yes! I have two 4 -legged ones. Since my phone is filled with an almost creepy amount of dog pictures and there is a “doggie” category here, I figure I would introduce you to my 2 crazy JRTs

Toby is a 7 yr-old shortie with a wire haired coat. I got him as a puppy from a magical place I call “jack russell acres”. He has a love for climbing trees. A SERIOUS love. My husband shot this video of him doing what he does best. Click below

Roxy is a 6 yr-old jack we got on Craig’s list. Before Roxy came into the picture, Toby was getting pretty bored and acting crazy so we figured we would get him a friend. We thought it would either keep him entertained while we are at work or it would backfire and be double trouble. It worked out for the best. She did mellow him out a bit. Roxy likes to hang out on the couch looking out the window or as I call it, “dog tv” and sometimes Toby will be lazy with her. I guess he got as calm as a JRT can be. Roxy is significantly taller than Toby. Most people can’t tell them apart because of their similar markings but just remember she is the big one.

And there you have it. Meet Toby and Roxy.


2 Crazy Jacks
2 Crazy Jacks
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