Downtown(ish) San Antonio Living

As the cost of real estate in the city’s urban core continues to rise, many are looking to other areas that are still in  close proximity  while still maintaining affordability.  Does this still sound like real estate unicorn? There are still downtownish options! Consider these neighborhoods that are located just south and east of King William and Dignowity Hill : Denver Heights and Highland Park.  These two neighborhoods are located in San Antonio ISD and  though not located in designated historic districts; still have many desired, historic features such as hardwood floors, high ceilings and covered, front porches.  The charm of these older homes is nearly impossible to replicate. They are also a short commute (or bike ride) to downtownish amenities like our beautiful Mission River Reach and Southtown hot spots such as the Blue Star Arts Complex.

In May 2017, King William had an average sold price/sq ft of $214.44 with Dignowity Hill averaging $135.76.  Compared to Highland Park’s $103.97 and Denver’s Heights’ $53.42, the difference in affordability is huge.

Google Map of King William, Dignowity (Dignowty? 😉 Hill) , Denver Heights & Highland Park
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