The Fruteria

The Fruteria

Have you been to Chef Johnny Hernandez’s newest restaurant|botanero, The Fruteria?  Check out woohoo4sa’s introduction and make sure to stop by for one of their tortas and marquitos.  Those are woohoo4sa’s personal favorites

Be on the lookout for Chef Hernandez’s openings of The Fruteria and La Gloria in the San Antonio International Airport. The travelers that fly through this airport will be in for a treat!

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Halcyon Southtown

I love it when new places open up. It’s even more awesome when those places are within walking distance! Halcyon Southtown,pronounced hal-see-uhn, just opened up in the Blue Star Arts Complex. Yes, I had to look up the pronunciation. The theme is unique triple threat of a coffee house, bar and lounge. Check out woohoo4sa’s introduction.

What do you think? Will you be visiting Halcyon?