Southtown Farmers & Ranchers Market

I was pretty excited when I heard there would be a Farmers market within walking distance of my house. The Southtown Farmers & Ranchers Market is open every Saturday “rain or shine” at the Blue Star Arts Complex from 9AM-1PM year-round. Debuting in Mid-June, my husband and I recently got a chance to walk over to Blue Star and check out San Antonio’s newest farmers market. Smaller than the well-known Farmers Market at Pearl, this market is still worth the visit.

Honey Lessons
Honey Lessons

There was a pretty good mix of vendors to browse through on a leisurely Saturday. My husband and I are on a Goldrush kick (a tasty bourbon cocktail mixed with honey and lemon) so we were pretty interested in Gretchen Bee Ranch’s stand. We were give delicious samples of honey and a lesson on how honey can taste different depending on the type of flowers the bees have been visiting.

Frio County Huajilla
Frio County Huajilla

I tried to get my husband to purchase the gallon size (honey goes quick in the Gerrish household) but we ended up getting 16 ounces of heaven known as their Frio County Huajilla blend and a beeswax candle in the shape of a beehive.

The Farmers market, like many other Southtown places, is dog friendly. There were dog bowls of H20 ready for your 4 legged friends. We left Toby and Roxy at home but made a stop at Katie’s Jar with them in mind. This vendor specializes in natural and homemade treats for dogs. We ended up getting our dogs the “Good Dog Sampler”. It was filled with various empanadas filled with dog loving tastiness such as lamb, beef and sweet potatoes.

Dog Empanadas
Dog Empanadas

We almost laughed out loud when we were told to make sure to keep it refrigerated because of the treat’s freshness. Our dogs gobbled them all up as soon as we got home. No time for refrigeration.

Given all the walking around, we were pretty hungry. There were a couple of vendors with food to taste but given my

Cheeks & Chops
Cheeks & Chops

current obsession with food trucks, I was a little dissapointed that there was only one to choose from. I had to keep in mind this market is still pretty new and the word is still getting out. The one food truck on site was called Cheeks & Chops.  Cool name. Perhaps more will park in the future.

Tasty Carrots
Tasty Carrots

We ended up decided to grill on our own and headed to a farmer’s booth to got some side dishes. The veggie selection was pretty impressive. We got some ears of corn and an explanation why our corn tops were eaten up (no pesticides). This was new to me but my Iowan born husband was already “in the know”.


This market is still growing and is a fun,free place to hang

Cute Candle
Cute Candle

out. Help get the word out and support your local farmers!

For more info check out:

Glorious Food Trucks

Third Brewsday

With “Downtown Tuesday” being the new Friday, I have found myself wanting to take advantage of the city’s free parking as often as I can (I LOVE bargains). I have been wanting to visit Third Brewsday and this past week, I finally got the chance. Beer, live music and food trucks? Sounds like a winning event to me. Best of all, this is a free event to the public!

Diverse Crowd

Third Brewsday is held on the third Tuesday of each month at Hemisfair Park and each month has a different theme. I have seen a Mardi Gras and Cowboy theme in the past via Facebook postings. This month’s event had a Blue Moon theme. Thank to my beer connoisseur husband, Kevin, I have grown to appreciate this wheat style beer. There was beer available for purchase and Blue Moon backdrops throughout.   Groups of people could take a photo in front of the themed backdrop.  I had read that there were going to be samples given out, but probably got there too late to enjoy.  I didn’t see any samples but beer was reasonably priced at $3 a serving.

There was a live art contest going on in which each participating artist had to incorporate the Blue Moon logo. The winner would go on to get a cash prize and a full page ad in the San Antonio Current. It was interesting see the artists’ different interpretation of the logo mixed with iconic San Antonio imagery.  It felt like Hemisfair Park was turned into an outdoor art gallery with the participating artists displaying other art pieces they had created.

Glorious Food Trucks

Wheelie Gourmet, DUK Truck, Cheesy Jane’s and Say She Ate were the featured food trucks for this month.  After sampling their cuisine, you’ll quickly understand why these food trucks are some of the most popular in San Antonio and draw a big crowd.



Blue Moon Stage

From families to obvious “date nights”, the crowd was pretty diverse on Hemsfair’s green pastures.  The park was filled with lawn chairs and blankets on the ground. Everyone had made themselves at home and it was a pleasant, relaxed environment.

Sara's Cruiser
Sara’s Cruiser



The fact that the B-Cycle station across the street at La Villita was full and that there were tons of bicycles in the bike rack and chained to the surrounding trees shows there were a lot of downtown residents in attendance. In fact, my friend and I had taken advantage of the nice weather and ridden down from the Historic Pearl Brewery to check out the event. I was on my pink cruiser and she had ridden on a B-Cycle.


Overall, this is a fun and budget friendly event.  Reasonably priced beer is always a plus! I’d definately return to see what next month’s theme is. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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